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Property management. Administration of economic activities at home. Repair work. Promote development and improvement.

VISION: SIA,,R.E.D. Namu Serviss" vision is a respectable company in the real estate management industry.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide residents quality real estate management, management, and friendly service.

PHILOSOPHY: The housing manager and manager is an institution that should facilitate the lives of residents and improve the quality of life, not an institution with which to argue and fight.

EXPERIENCE: Company SIA,,R.E.D. Namu Serviss" has been on the house management market since 2006 and offers management services mainly for residential houses. The managed houses are in Riga, Jūrmala, Ķekava district, and Iecava districts. It has experience managing new projects and taking over houses from building authorities. SIA R.E.D. Namu the leading employees of Serviss have many years of experience in the field of real estate and legal services, who are uneasy with the prevailing socialist attitude and have participated in processes to create a new discipline and awareness in the field of real estate.

VALUES: A company with potential and flexible conditions, ready to adapt to market conditions and find the best solutions in building management, constantly developing by studying actualities and new opportunities.